I am David Olin Tullis.

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HE DID IT AGAIN is the story of Luke and his relationships with various people, most notably Caleb.  Caleb brought into Luke's life two things that he never thought he would have again - love and marriage.

HE DID IT AGAIN is available in hardcover wherever books are sold.

Mr. Tullis welcomes all polite correspondence.

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David Olin Tullis has lived a life of attempts. Some were successful, some were not, but he continues to work toward - and pray for - a blessed, joyful, productive, profitable, safe, happy, and healthy life.

        Previous publishing projects for which Mr. Tullis is responsible include THE GREAT LAWN: An Art and Literary Journal for Gay Men, SURRENDER TO THE SENSATIONS: The Gentlemen’s Guide to the Business and Pleasure of Sensual Massage, CREAMDROPS: An Art and Literary Journal for Gay Men, EXTRAJOYDINARY: creating your serene life, and THE SARA THE PINEAPPLE CAT CHILDREN’S BOOK COLLECTION.


My first book of fiction, a novella, was published on January 15, 2022.
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